10 November 2017 | Collaborations

Our juices available at Ipirotissa

We are pleased to announce that consumers are now able to enjoy our 100% Pure Pressed and Plus juices at Ipirotissa! In the refrigerators of the favorite delicatessen Ipirotissa in Voula you will find our Pomegranate 100%, Pomegranate-Apple-Carrot and Pear-Apple juices that are squeezed within 24 hours of harvesting, as well as Plus Juices Kiwi-Green Apple (awarded a 1-star Great Taste in 2017), Goji Berry, Plum, Orange-Pomegranate and Grape-Orange-Carrot, which are rich in vitamins. Both Chris Family chilled juice ranges consist of 100% natural Greek fruit juice, without preservatives or added sugar.

15 March 2018 - Μοναδική σειρά στην Ελλάδα!
15 March 2018 General

Μοναδική σειρά στην Ελλάδα!

Φανταστείτε ένα χυμό από φρούτα στυμμένα μέσα σε 24 ώρες από τη συγκομιδή τους χωρίς προσθήκη ...more

7 March 2018 - Συμμετέχουμε στη Food Expo 2018!
7 March 2018 Exhibitions

Συμμετέχουμε στη Food Expo 2018!

Μετά την περσινή επιτυχημένη παρουσία μας στη Food Expo, η Οικογένεια Χριστοδούλου θα βρίσκεται και ...more

27 February 2018 - 5th Nafplio Marathon
27 February 2018 Sponsorships

5th Nafplio Marathon

Chris Family continues to support sporting events across Greece, such as the upcoming Nafplio ...more

26 February 2018 - Meet us at Foodex Japan 2018!
26 February 2018 Exhibitions

Meet us at Foodex Japan 2018!

Chris Family, continuing its last year’s success at Foodex Japan 2017, aims at even greater ...more