12 April 2018 | General

Sugar-free sour cherry & peach juice!

Chris Family continues to innovate launching the new sugar-free vitamin juice range, available in 6 flavors. Among them, the unique in Greece sugar-free sour cherry juice enriched with vitamins C+D as well as the peach juice enriched with vitamin C! Our Sour Cherry vitamin juice was awarded a prestigious 2-star Great Taste award at Great Taste Awards 2017. The vitamin enriched, sugar-free juice range is ideal for children, for those who exercise and for those who do not consume sugar, such as diabetics.

15 March 2018 - A unique juice range in Greece!
15 March 2018 General

A unique juice range in Greece!

Imagine a fruit juice squeezed within 24 hours of harvest with no added sugar or preservatives. ...more