Are preservatives used to preserve ‘Christodoulou Family’ juices?

No ‘Christodoulou Family’ juices contain preservatives.
They are preserved up to their expiration date thanks to their production and packaging process.

What is the difference between a juice that is “not from concentrate” and juice that is “from concentrate”?

The difference is in the processing method:

  • In non-concentrated juice, also known as Not from Concentrate (NFC), the fruit is first juiced and the juice is then pasteurized before being packaged. The juice contains only its own natural water, without the addition or removal of any other ingredients. All Christodoulou Family juices are produced from Not from Concentrate juice.
  • In concentrated juice, the fruit is juiced, while the natural water content of the juice is removed in order to produce a concentrated form. This means that water is added to the concentrate at a later stage, before the juice is pasteurized and then packaged.

Is the packaging of ‘Christodoulou Family’ products recyclable?

All the packaging we use is recyclable.

Does the pasteurization process involve radiation?

Pasteurization is the process of mild heating of the juice for a short period of time in order to destroy the various micro-organisms it contains. This process does not involve any type of radiation.

What is Tetra Pak carton?

Tetra Pak aseptic process allows the juice to retain its nutritional value, its color and its natural taste for up to 12 months, without the need of preservatives. Tetra Pak carton packages contributes in protecting the juice from external light, moisture, oxygen & micro-organisms and also due to its technology ensures that the products are sealed from any contaminant during the packaging process. In this way, the customers may safely consume the products for a long time.

Is the packaging of ‘Christodoulou Family’ products BPA Free?

All the packaging we use do not contain Bisphenol A ( BPA).