25 October 2019 | Exhibitions

Η Οικογένεια Χριστοδούλου στη Marathon Expo!

Chris Family participates in the exhibition ERGO Marathon Expo, which is conducted parallel to the Athens Authentic Marathon, between 6-9 November at the Tae Kwon Do Stadium (Faliro Indoor Hall). It is a unique sports and shopping festival, where guests of the Marathon and all athletes will have the chance to taste our vitamin juices, a unique range of Greek fruit juices, enriched with the necessary amount of vitamins to meet everyday nutritional needs and maintain good health. Among the vitamin juices offered by Chris Family in the event is the Sour Cherry vitamin juice, which won an outstanding 2-star Award at the Great Taste Awards 2017, one of the most important food and drink competitions in the world.

Looking forward to seeing you at Faliro Indoor Hall, stand 38A!

13 May 2019 - Spetsathlon 2019
13 May 2019 Sport

Spetsathlon 2019

Με επιτυχία ολοκληρώθηκε το Spetsathlon, το μαζικότερο τρίαθλο της Ελλάδας που φιλοξένησαν για 7η ...more

1 April 2019 - IRONMAN 70.3 Greece, Costa Navarino
1 April 2019 SportSponsorships

IRONMAN 70.3 Greece, Costa Navarino

Chris Family proudly sponsors Ironman 70.3 Greece, Costa Navarino one of a series of long-distance ...more

25 February 2019 - 6ος Μαραθώνιος Ναυπλίου
25 February 2019 SportSponsorships

6ος Μαραθώνιος Ναυπλίου

Την Κυριακή 3 Μαρτίου τρέχουμε όλοι μαζί σαν μια μεγάλη οικογένεια στον 6ο Μαραθώνιο Ναυπλίου για ...more

14 February 2019 - Η Οικογένεια Χριστοδούλου στο 3ο Ecali Run
14 February 2019 Sponsorships

Η Οικογένεια Χριστοδούλου στο 3ο Ecali Run

Συνεχίζοντας να στηρίζει δράσεις που προάγουν τον αθλητισμό, η Οικογένεια Χριστοδούλου είχε τη χαρά ...more