6 September 2017 | Awards

Two Great Taste Awards for Chris Family!

Our Sour Cherry vitamin juice was awarded a prestigious 2-star Great Taste award at this year’s Great Taste, the world’s most coveted food awards, which celebrates the very best in food and drink. Indeed, not only it is the only juice in Greece that received such a high distinction but the 2 Stars was also the highest distinction given at this year's competition in this category of products world-wide. In addition, Chris Family was particularly pleased to see a second juice, Kiwi & Green Apple Plus, getting an award at the Great Taste Awards! Have you tried them yet?

26 March 2020 - First-Hand Stories - Orange
26 March 2020 General

First-Hand Stories - Orange

Have you ever wondered where your bottle of Chris Family juice comes from? Who are the people who ...more

11 March 2020 - Νέος φυσικός χυμός Μήλο, Πορτοκάλι, Καρότο 2 λτ.
11 March 2020 General

Νέος φυσικός χυμός Μήλο, Πορτοκάλι, Καρότο 2 λτ.

Μετά τον φυσικό χυμό 100% Πορτοκάλι 2 λίτρων που αγαπήσατε, η Οικογένεια Χριστοδούλου σας φέρνει ...more

29 February 2020 - IRONMAN 70.3 Greece, Costa Navarino
29 February 2020 SportSponsorships

IRONMAN 70.3 Greece, Costa Navarino

Chris Family proudly sponsors Ironman 70.3 Greece, Costa Navarino one of a series of long-distance ...more

1 February 2020 - 7ος Μαραθώνιος Ναυπλίου
1 February 2020 SportSponsorships

7ος Μαραθώνιος Ναυπλίου

Την Κυριακή 8 Μαρτίου τρέχουμε όλοι μαζί σαν μια μεγάλη οικογένεια στον 7ο Μαραθώνιο Ναυπλίου για ...more