10 November 2020 | General

2-litre juices to slake everyone's thirst

We squeeze the finest Greek fruits within 24 hours of harvest, to offer you natural juices in 2-litre packages, without added sugar or preservatives! The 2-litre natural juices 9 Fruits 7 vitamins, Orange 100% and Apple, Orange, Carrot are our range of value for money juices with a practical packaging to meet the needs of every family. Our juices not only have a delicious taste but are also a source of valuable vitamins such as C, A and B12, which help maintain good health and stimulate the body. Look for them in the refrigerators!

27 August 2020 - New 2-litre juice 9 fruits 7 vitamins
27 August 2020 General

New 2-litre juice 9 fruits 7 vitamins

Our family of 2-litre juices has grown! The new natural juice 9 Fruits 7 vitamins came to ...more

17 July 2020 - First-hand stories - Apricot
17 July 2020 General

First-hand stories - Apricot

Have you ever wondered who are the people who have been cultivating apricots from generation to ...more

10 June 2020 - New 2-litre juice flavor
10 June 2020 General

New 2-litre juice flavor

The "battle for juice" may be over but the "misunderstandings" continue. The 2-litre natural orange ...more

2 June 2020 - Our Family has grown!
2 June 2020 General

Our Family has grown!

Three new juices have been added to our range of chilled juices! These are the natural juices ...more

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