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Vitamin Juices

100% Orange juice with vitamin C

which helps maintain normal immune function. Chris family selects oranges from farmers, just beside their processing facility in the sunny peninsula of Peloponnese. Freshness and a taste of sunny Greece, all in one!

9 fruit juices with 7 vitamins

that boost the body and maintain good health. An exciting blend of Greek and exotic fruits that result to a delicious lift off flavor!

Apricot, Orange, Apple with vitamins C and E

which help protect cells from oxidative stress and vitamin A which helps maintain healthy skin. A great mix from local fruits that kickstart your day!

Pomegranate, Blueberry, Raspberry, with vitamin C and Mg

which support normal psychological function and help reduce tiredness and fatigue. You get all the goodness of antioxidant super berries and Greek pomegranates.

Sour Cherry with vitamins C

which helps support normal immune function and D which helps maintain healthy bones. A taste that brings the feeling of summer in the Mediterranean sea!

Peach with Vitamin C

which helps to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones. A delicious juice with amazing health benefits!

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